First Tomato Harvest

Tomatoes, Cubanella Peppers and Basil

The first tomato harvest of the year! What a difference a little, well a lot, of sun makes. Growing tomatoes in my home garden has been tough because  my side yard gets limited sun and my patio container garden gets about half of a days worth of sun. My community garden plot, on the other hand, gets full sun all day. The difference in production is amazing. My tomatoes at home are growing slowly but still green. The tomatoes in the community garden plot are growing like crazy and turning red in half the time.  The cubanelle peppers could have grown a bit bigger but I could not wait (well, Calvin would not wait).  So we picked them. We also harvested more basil (there types as shown in the photo above) and created our second batch of pesto. (See earlier post for recipe.)

Can’t wait for the tomato production to get to the levels that I can start canning as we go rather than do the summer end canning with purchased tomatoes. My plan is to can only the community garden tomatoes and combine them with the weekly Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) delivery. Maybe, just maybe, there will be enough tomatoes to make and can spaghetti sauce too!  Woo hoo! Well, I better not get ahead of myself…..