Let the Planting Begin! Or not.


For me, this year’s gardening season had officially begun.  I had sun.  I had 60 degree plus weather.  It felt like spring.  Even though it was before the calendar officially rang in spring, I was ready to get a jump on the end of winter and leap optimistically into spring.  So I kicked it off with a trip to the nursery to pick up packets of seeds and buy a beautifully designed and written book on growing, harvesting and cooking.

Then off to the community garden plot to pull off the plastic from the cold frame that was protecting my lettuce, swiss chard and kale that I had been over-wintering since the fall.

Spring was in the air. I could feel it. I could smell it.  I could hear the birds chirping in the morning. I was in ether of spring fever. Nothing could stop my joy. I grabbed my new iPad Mini and found a gardening app to help me with my seed planting schedule. The old notebook method be damned. My recently purchased packets were carefully organized according to cool weather seeds and warm weather seeds. Peas and parsley seeds were jumping out of my hands ready for planting.

Well. That was two weeks ago.

Now there is a forecast for snow for this weekend.   We are talking 20-30 degrees at night and up to 40 degrees by day.  The cold frame plastic is back on. Well, only after I kindly requested (forced) my husband to put it back on.

Okay, I knew better.  I always know better.  I do this every winter/spring. But spring (and hope) springs eternal.


Peas for Peace

Finally!!!  My blog.  About Gardening and Peace.   My two favorite subjects.   I can’t believe I finally did it and figured out (okay, also after being a tad bit, okay, totally intimidated on how to set up one of these things) how to set up a blog (with a little help from Patrick and Calvin).  Nothing like a “crisis” to spark one into action and get the intentions put into action.  I suppose that is where challenges are to be thanked, for their ability to get us to finally plant the seeds that we only talked about in theory.  Please see next blog for the “crisis” that I have to thank for planting this seed.