Calvin’s Seeds of Wisdom #11

Hershey Park

At Hershey Park (an amusement park in Pennsylvania):

In line to go on the bumper cars for a second time after Mom’s whiplash injury the first ride with Calvin at the wheel and his tendency to aim for other drivers to cause a collision:

Mom:  “Okay, Calvin. Whether you get a driver’s license at 16 years old depends upon your conduct here.”

Calvin:  “Mom, this is bumper cars, not beltway driving!”

(Read:  get real, mom)

Before the Whiplash Injury


Mom:  (Commenting excitedly on her really good aim and proficiency with the shooting that resulted in the top score on the Hershey Extreme Cup Challenge laser gun game): “Whoo hooo!!” I figured out how to nail it.”

Calvin:  “And I thought you were a peacekeeper…………”