I am a mother, gardener, and peacebuilder. I spent a decade working as a lawyer,  prosecutor and defense attorney and then made the leap to international peacebuilding about 20 years ago when I first arrived in Bosnia to work in the field of what is called “rule of law.” From there, it has been an amazing experience living and working in, traveling to and working with the incredible people from numerous conflict affected and war torn countries. These experiences and the people I have met have profoundly affected me and shaped my view of the world and myself.

I am a passionate vegetable gardener who loves to grow and harvest (more or less, sometimes less than more) peas, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, zucchini, carrots, beans, lettuce, chard and herbs of all sorts. I have an inexplicable attachment to soil, seeds, compost, planting containers,  cold frames, organic fertilizers and rain barrels.

.It is through gardening, peacebuilding and trauma resolution that I feel grounded and content. It is through these passions that everything connects and makes sense. This blog is about making and sharing those connections.



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