Winter? Spring? What???!!!

IMG_2689.jpgForget rigidly following the traditional wisdom of when to do what when it comes to gardening. Global warming (yes, deniers, it does exist!) has thrown the playbook out the window. I have learned over the past five years that one needs to look at the calendar and guidance on when to start seeds indoors, when to harden off and when to put seedlings in the ground — with a grain of salt.  Or grain of compost in the gardening vernacular.

On the bright side,  the unpredictability of a gardening season is an opportunity to go a bit with the flow, let go of a little control, get over disappointments of crop fails and move on. And, in the process, learn that hey, doing so is actually not so bad. As a matter of fact, it is kinda liberating and an adventure in accepting and going with the ebbs and flows of nature.

To that end, a few days ago it was freezing. A few days before that we had snow followed by freezing rain and ice. We are talking temperatures in the teens. I decided to be in full denial of the deep winter freeze and planted a few tomato seeds last weekend. A few are already sprouting.


Today?  It is in the 60’s. So, I took the cue, even though I know this is transitory, and planted a few pepper seeds in one of my indoor greenhouses. I know it is a bit early. But hey, so what. Be bold. Peppers actually need a bit more tender loving care and time to sprout than tomato seeds. If this does not work out, I can always start a few more later and see how it goes.

This year I ordered the 2016 Art Pack Boxed Collection of seeds from the Hudson Valley Seed Library. I love this company. I was introduced to it by my sister-in-law who sent a few seed packs to me for Christmas a few years back. I was hooked. I love the beautifully and creatively crafted artwork depicted on each seed pack. In previous years by the time I got around to ordering seeds, the Art Packs were sold out. What is an Art Pack?  It is “15 spectacular varieties packed in artwork by 15 artists, using mediums including: Watercolor, oil painting, pen and ink, stained glass, paper sculpture, and paper-painting. The original works from each year form a traveling exhibit called Art of the Heirloom.” See:

This year I thought ahead and ordered the Art Pack early. Also, as a bonus, since this year I am buried with work and all sorts of commitments, I very much appreciated the Art Pack because it took out the pressure of figuring out what to order. When the box arrived, I was like a child at Christmas time opening up a gift. Not sure (well actually, I am quite sure) that my husband and son were not as enthused as I was but they did the obligatory smile and showed enough encouragement as to not dampen my excitement.

So the 2016 gardening season has officially begun, at least in my house. The few seeds have been planted in the anticipation of a bountiful year.

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