Calvin’s Seeds of Wisdom #22


Calvin:  I feel so empowered.  No wonder they wear these things. Who wouldn’t wear one if they would feel like this???

Calvin proclaimed this as he was wearing his new traditional Yemeni knife and belt around his waist. During my visit to Yemen, it was not uncommon to see men adorned in traditional dress including the knife and belt. (During my trip to Sana’a, I bought one in the old city.  A nice kid about the size of Calvin agreed to try it on so it could be “fitted” for Calvin, who is nine years old.  A bit too young by Yemeni standards for a Janbiya. Some teens sport them in Yemen.)

The knife, or dagger, is called a Janbiya.  It is curved and enclosed in a sheath.  Men in Yemen wear it as an accessory.

Calvin proudly wore his Janbiya to a few dinner parties and stood tall with the knowledge that he was carrying on a tradition from an amazing country.


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