Old Fashioned Fun at the County Fair

Cattle Lining up to be Judged

I loved this year’s county fair. It reminded me of my childhood growing up in Reno, Nevada where we would attend the state fair each year.  As a child, I loved the rides, carnival games, animals and the “home economics” displays where the ribbon winners showed off their wares. This included everything from quilts to baked goods to preserves and canned vegetables.  So I loved introducing my 8 year old son Calvin to our own county’s fair this year. In the past we generally traveled out of town during the fair’s tenure so this year we were so happy to be in town. As we walked into the area where ribbon winning canned items were displayed, I pondered on how it had been about 35 years since the fairs of my childhood.  This reflection inspired me to begin thinking about just perhaps entering something next year and just maybe winning a ribbon!

Here are a few photos from the fun day:

Out of the "not at all scary" Haunted House

Art Carving with a Chain Saw

Calvin's Pig Won!!

Calvin Gets Chosen to Represent a Pig

The Pig Races

Petting a RabbitAt the County Fair


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