Seeds to Nigeria

I have written before about how fun it is to be working in the community garden plot and have people come up and chat. I always cherish the exchanges. Our neighborhood is wonderfully diverse with people from around the world. Today as I was watering, a woman in a beautiful apple green dress stopped in front of my plot and said in a distinctive Nigerian accent, “Wonderful, this is just wonderful.” She then commented on the large tomato crop. In response I mentioned how much I enjoy growing vegetables and how the direct sun has contributed to the tomato bounty. She replied that this is thanks to God. She then asked me if I had kept any dried tomato seeds. I said I had not but would she like a tomato so she could harvest the seeds? After walking around the gate and giving her my largest tomato we exchanged “goodbyes.” Then, as she went on her way, she paused, turned, and said, “The seeds are going to Nigeria. Wish me luck!” So, for that charming woman who brightened my day,  I wish nothing but luck, happiness and a bountiful harvest.

Here is a photo round up of the community garden this week:

Me Watering

Black Beauty Eggplant

Calvin Enjoying the View

Eggplant, Peppers and Tomatoes


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