This Week’s Garden Round Up (July 25, 2011)

We have been experiencing a major heat wave the past few days.  There have been excessive heat warnings and record highs. The air quality has been steadying at code “red” meaning it is unhealthy for the general population. Aside from most of my squash, so far both the community garden plot and my home garden are holding their own.

Community Garden Plot

Patio Container Garden: Tomatoes, Beans and Peppers

Squash Planter

My patio container beans got a little overwhelmed and suffered a some leaf damage but are doing okay. So I spent time over the weekend cleaning out the dried up dead leaves. One patio container tomato plant looked droopy and some of the developing tomatoes looked a bit puckery but with some water, the leaves and tomatoes plumped back up.

As I mentioned, most of the squash did not fare so well. But they were on the ropes anyway from the powdery mildew so their demise under the heat stress was not unexpected. One mature plant and three tiny plants survived. I planted more squash seeds and hope the growing season will last long enough for them to produce.

So I hope everything will continue to be okay as we get a few days of respite just in time for another heat wave that is predicted to set upon us later in the week.

As evidenced by the photo above, I harvested a wonderful crop of eggplant, beans and tomatoes.


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