This Week’s Garden Round Up

This week saw many days of full sun and heat, creating a happy environment for sun and heat loving eggplants, tomatoes and peppers in the community garden plot. They were aided by a few days of heavy rains early in the week.

Container Garden on the Patio

The patio container garden is taking off, turning the back yard patio into a sea of green formed by the pole beans, bush beans, tomatoes, peppers and squash. Deep orange Sun Gold tomatoes were harvested this week, together with a handful of pole beans and some bush tomatoes.

I harvested the remainder of my dwindling lettuce crop from the front porch containers and planted new seeds. The covered porch and shade help protect the lettuce from the heat and sun.

To top off the week, there was a beautiful pink sunset one of the evenings we went to check on the community garden plot.

View from the Community Garden Plot


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