This Week’s CSA Bounty

This Week's CSA Bounty

This week’s community supported agriculture (CSA) delivery was amazing. I love coming home on Tuesdays, grabbing the gray plastic tub on my porch and opening it up to see what the local farmer produced.  In addition to the vegetables, it usually also includes the most amazing eggs that are so fresh and tasty like those that my Dad in Germany cooks up for us when we visit him. Until CSA, we have not had eggs here in the US like the German eggs.

Then I love building dinners around the bounty from the CSA delivery, our community garden plot and our home garden. It gives me the opportunity to try out new recipes that I have clipped from the Bon Appetit magazines that my husband Patrick’s mom subscribed for on our behalf. It’s a great magazine because its recipes track the seasons and what is available via produce.  Calvin and I take the magazine each month, go through it and pull out the recipes that seem interesting. Then I put them in a folder and refer to it when figuring out what to make for the week.

Now what to do with the two odd looking whitish/yellowish vegetables that I have yet to identify………..


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