Calvin’s Seeds of Wisdom #13

Calvin at Three and a Half Years Old:

Calvin:  “Mommy we have to save the sharks.  We have to send the message to everyone.”

Mom:  “Hmm.  How can we do that, do you think?”

Calvin:  “Quick!  Get me some markers and some paper.  I need to write a message.  I really have to send the message, Dad.”

(Dad got the paper the pens.)

Calvin:  Talking to himself out loud as he is writing, indicating what he is writing:  “To rescue the sharks.  Not to over fish.  Only let them eat other things.  Like french fries and things, not fishes.”

(Mom asked Calvin a question.)

Calvin:  “Mom, you can’t disturb me writing the message.”

Calvin going back to his writing:  “They can only survive if you don’t over fish them.  And they can’t always be fished by fishermen.  There! “

Calvin:  “Roll it up, Mom.”

Calvin: “Wait. First I need to address it.”

Calvin:  Writing and talking out loud.  “To:  All countries.  All countries with water ….. or tarpits.”

Calvin:  “Now roll it up Mom.”

Calvin:  “We need to tape it.  Put a stamp on it and put in the mailbox.”

(Calvin watched me to be sure I actually put it in the mail box.)


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