Calvin’s Seeds of Wisdom #11

Hershey Park

At Hershey Park (an amusement park in Pennsylvania):

In line to go on the bumper cars for a second time after Mom’s whiplash injury the first ride with Calvin at the wheel and his tendency to aim for other drivers to cause a collision:

Mom:  “Okay, Calvin. Whether you get a driver’s license at 16 years old depends upon your conduct here.”

Calvin:  “Mom, this is bumper cars, not beltway driving!”

(Read:  get real, mom)

Before the Whiplash Injury


Mom:  (Commenting excitedly on her really good aim and proficiency with the shooting that resulted in the top score on the Hershey Extreme Cup Challenge laser gun game): “Whoo hooo!!” I figured out how to nail it.”

Calvin:  “And I thought you were a peacekeeper…………”



2 thoughts on “Calvin’s Seeds of Wisdom #11

  1. Colette!! I LOVE your blog!! I was thinking of you and Calvin just yesterday when I was at SilverDocs and saw “The First Movie”. Your organization sponsors many of the documentaries there–and this one reminded me so much of what you do. Also, “The Rescuers” was an amazing film that bridged the gap between historical genocide problems and modern day activism against current genocides. Anyways, heavy stuff but very worthwhile films to be seen and shared. I wonder if they would be useful to you? Oh, and I also saw the canning magazine and wanted to pick it up, but I refrained since I have nothing to can!! Love the garden plot. Let me know when you are headed down there and I’d love to join and say hello!

    • Hi Stephanie,

      Thanks for the comments on my blog! (and subscribing :)) Speaking of documentaries, Patrick and I were just talking about organizing the one I am doing over the summer. We want to have the emotional resonance and depth given the war and trauma topic but also have it include the resilience and overcoming adversity component. So we will see how it goes! I have the Silverdocs movies on my list of to see for inspiration.

      We will be at the garden tomorrow morning (Saturday) around 10 am so feel free to stop by! I am sure there will be a tomato or two to harvest by then 🙂 Take care. Colette

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