Cat Gone Wild on Catnip

At Calvin’s request, we picked up a catnip plant to place in our community garden plot. Today Calvin decided to make a toy for Hagrid out of the catnip. So he cut out a fish shape from felt, drew some stripes, eyes and a smile on it and harvested some catnip. After stuffing the catnip in between the two felt pieces, Calvin decided it needed to be “puffy” so he found some paper towels and pulled off pieces to stuff in with the catnip. After he sewed up about half of the toy, Calvin suffered a minor needle prick injury. So Mom took over the sewing. As I was nearly done, Calvin decided the toy needed streamers so he found a sheet of shiny paper and cut out a few streamers for me to sew into the tail. After a few needle pricks to my own finger, we were done. Here is his creation and Hagrid’s response…..


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