Community Garden Plot Day #3

Day #3: Planted Tomatoes, Egglants and Peppers

Ta da!!!! I am downright proud of my community garden plot. Tomatoes, peppers and eggplants are now in. Nearly all the supportive cages are installed. I am short by a few but I can add them next weekend. I planted some swiss chard seeds at home on the porch so they can be planted in the plot when they are big enough. I will also plant some basil seedlings next to the tomatoes. There are some growing strong in my window frame so these can be transplanted into the community garden plot in a few weeks.

At home on my patio, I planted some tomatoes in containers (patio tomatoes).  I also transplanted lettuce seedlings that I started on my front porch, as well as swiss chard seedlings, in the cold frame area.  I took off the plastic sheets that made up the cold frame roof to allow air and rain to come in but kept the wood frame in place. That way come the fall, I can simply replace the plastic sheeting roof and have a fully intact cold frame.   In the community garden plot and at home, everything was in before the thunderstorms that came later and watered everything down.

Lettuce Transplants

Baby Robin in Rock Creek Park

We went hiking through Rock Creek Park and like last weekend, it is robin season.  We came across a baby robin being very still in a tree.  He was trying not to be noticed.  At first I lamented that I did not have my camera.  But then decided to try my Blackberry camera for the first time.  It worked!  So I got a great photo. We looked around and saw the baby robin’s mother watching carefully nearby.  So we left gently and quickly as to not stress the baby and mother too much.

Gardening and Rock Creek Park. A wonderful Sunday.


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