Peace is Nothing More than a Dust Speck

Eggplant and peppers are particular.   Nearly every tomato seed planted resulted in a seedling. Not the case with eggplant and peppers. Hopefully will end up with enough to plant when all is said and done.  I went out and picked up more lettuce seedlings from the nursery. They will go in the cold frame.  I am still recovering from the four casualties from the last squirrel attack.  The new seedlings will help expedite my recovery process.  Was able to harvest some leaves for taco dinners yesterday and today from the lettuce seedlings Iplanted a few weeks back.   Totally love that harvesting thing.  Talking about attacks, fortunately, the peace institute is holding its own despite the recent move by the House to defund it.

Going on over a month of the peace institute budget battle and not yet resolved.  Someone sent to me a graphical representation of the fiscal year 2011 government budget.   Each agency or program was represented by a circle of varying size depending upon the expenditure.  I searched and searched for the peace institute’s budget.  I could not find it amongst the circles that were clearly noticeable. I saw a grouping of nearly microscopic “dots” or more accurately described as nothing more than dust specks.  No, the peace institute could not be amongst such tiny neighbors, could it?   I decided that my glasses were not strong enough because I simply could not find the peace institute.   Then I saw it.  I rubbed my eyes.  No, say it isn’t so.  Alas, it is so. The peace institute was the second smallest dust speck. What was the smallest? The office of governmental ethics.  (Of course that was before the recent zeroing out of the peace institute’s budget, now the peace institute is dead last.)  Hmmm, what is the relevance of that?  Peace and Ethics rivaling for last place? Hmmm.


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