Another Invasion!

Alas, I have cute little pepper sprouts shooting up out of the soil!  Phew!  All is well in pepper land.  So my tomatoes, eggplants and peppers are growing strong inside.   I checked out the cold frame to see how the herbs  and strawberries that had been over wintered, the lettuce seedlings planted a few weeks back and the lettuce seeds sown in the three pots were doing.  Well, it looked like another invasion had taken place.   I am assuming squirrels.   Again.   I am thinking that the plastic “door” covering was breached.  Tricky little critters.  I surveyed the damage.  Aside from some rustling about in the soil, the herbs were all intact.  Oh!  and the strawberry plants had green leaves coming back.  Who knew!  (Last year was my first Strawberry year and it was spectacular harvesting a few each day, until the birds got into the act and we competed for the bounty.)  The three lettuce seed pots were a mixed bag.   Each one was a mixture of sprouting seedlings and turned about soil. Two pots look like they will recover.  One, too early to call.   So I crouched back toward the healthy leafy seedlings that I picked up at the nursery a few weeks back.   Ugh.   Severed leaves were scattered about.   Two total casualties.   Two  chomped but possibly capable of recovery.  Six (yes six) dug up but still intact.   So I carefully replanted everything, even the casualties.   I gently watered them and everything else in the cold frame.   Then I inspected the entire cold frame and patched up wherever I thought a squirrel could get through and secured the “door” with heavy five inch diameter logs that had been chopped up from a huge limb that crashed down during the last major winter storm.   Speaking of which, we are to get snow, yes SNOW tonight and tomorrow.   Considering we had upper 70’s last weekend, then freezing temperatures for the past few days, and now snow, well, let’s just say this just makes gardening all the more interesting.


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