Where art thou Peppers?

Well, peppers are not going so well for me.  We drove back today from Williamsburg, Virginia and I was excited to see how things were growing.  Okay, it has only been just over a day since I left, but things can grow quickly in one’s absence.  Or not.   This is the first year I have sowed pepper seeds in pots indoors. Last year I posted on Freecycle.com that I had extra tomato seedlings for the taking.  A fellow gardener responded and offered to give to me a pepper seedling and some parsley in exchange.  I was SO EXCITED when she arrived on my door step for the swap.  Not only did I get to grow parsley for the first time, but I saw a tiny little pimento seedling grow into a huge pepper bush of beautiful canary yellow peppers that we used in omelets, pasta and other tasty dishes.  It was just so totally cool to watch the seedling grow and wonder what type of pepper it would produce.   So I decided to grow my own this year from seed.   But after nearly three weeks, no seedlings.  The packet said it should germinate in 8-14 days.  But alas, nothing for me. So I planted more today and we will see how it goes. Hopefully it won’t be too late in the season.  I also got bold and picked up a packet of jewel colored peppers and planted them a few weeks back.  Nothing as of today.  So I planted more this afternoon.  I will wait and watch………Grow peppers, grow!

There is also another pot that has no action. The problem is, I have no idea what I planted in it.   I seem to do this every year.  With best of intentions, I plant my seeds, write on a stick what it is, the date and put the stick in the pot.  Then I duly note the date, seed and data in my garden journal.  Well, that is how it is supposed to go.  But inevitably, I am short on sticks (which is what happened this year and a trip to the local hardware store produced zip by the way of sticks).  I was not focused enough to come up with an alternative.  Sad, but true.  Now I can think of all sorts of things such as using a Sharpie to write on a cut out from a milk carton or maybe even on a piece of tape affixed to the pot itself.   But sometimes there is just too much going on in my brain to come to such clear solutions.  So I opted for the most simple of all ideas.  I relied on my memory as to what I planted.  Sounded like a sound strategy at the time.  But as things go, and especially now with so much going on in my life (normal daily family and work routine compounded by the budget issues with the peace institute, my increased work travel and presentations, etc.) what I planted in that pot is a total mystery.  But given my current lack of pepper seedlings, I am thinking it may have been a pepper pot……..

So I asked my seven year old son what he thought about the question, where art thou peppers?  To which he replied, “Those peppers are really liking the ground rather than the fresh air.  Which is very odd, in my opinion.”

I agree.


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