!!!!!!!!!Hurricane Hagrid Strikes Again

Another Hagrid disaster.  He walked into the living room with his fur full of potting soil.  Ohhh, not a good sign.   I sprinted into my son’s bedroom where the make shift greenhouse had been constructed last night.  Someone had left the door open and well, the rest is history.  Literally.  My entire collection of sungold cherry tomatoes was dumped pot over pot.  Two pots of long purple eggplants were toppled.   Aside from the dismay (putting it VERY mildly) of seeing the total mess, with potting soil and water covering the floor and toys, I was ever so frustrated that Hagrid managed to damage the pots that held the only sungold tomato seeds I had.  I could not readily replant.   So I add to my list of things to do tomorrow:  a trip to the plant store to replenish my supplies. Having replanted the pots two times already (thank you Hagrid), I keep repeating the mantra, “three times a charm, three times a charm…..”  In case three times is in fact not a charm anyone want a multi-toed Maine Coon Cat????????


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