Lettuce be Joyful!

After leaving a bowling birthday party for a classmate of my 7 year old son, we turned right out of the parking lot and what did we see?……………………..the Garden Nursery!!!!!  I could hardly believe my eyes.  We got to the bowling alley from a direction that totally disconnected me to the fact that I was in fact right next to the…………Garden Nursery!!!!!!!   All those periods are for drama and effect and all those exclamation points are to highlight the fact that I was so totally excited about an impromtu visit to the plant store.   Excitement rose as we parked the car.  Then I was bordering giddy as we got out and entered the greenhouse.  Then I turned downright outrageously giddy upon seeing lettuce seedlings sitting all alone in the vast greenhouse with no other vegetable in sight.  I am not kidding. I put the GID-DY in giddy.  (I know there a lot of “giddys” there but I can’t think of a more perfect word or state of being right now.)  When we pulled into the parking lot, I thought at best, I would score some pepper seeds, maybe some cool garden sheers to prune the herbs I overwintered in the cold frame.   That would have made my day.  Really.  So you can only imagine (I know for some it is totally hard to imagine anyone getting so over joyed at seeing lettuce seedlings but work with me on this) the bubbling feeling of joy that started from my toes and shot right up to my head, thus causing me to nearly jump up and down like the seven year olds I just left at the bowling alley did when they hit a spare.   You see, let me explain.  It is only the first week in March.  I did not expect such treasures for a few more weeks, maybe not until April.  Who knew?  So I picked up a few flats and for good measure, added a few packets of  lettuce seeds to my purchase.  Then I had an intense conversation with the guy at the checkout counter on the hardiness of lettuce in this unpredictable weather we have been having. He told me about how they had some of the lettuce outside a few days back when the temperature dipped into the 20s and they did fine.  Also, we chatted about over wintering lettuce (he did it this year, I did last year but not this year).  I would have gone on and on about lettuce if my husband and seven year old didn’t pull me away. Oh,  I also did an impulse purchase of some type of small seedling pots that are organic and can be planted right in the ground and then compost and have some type of magical mimicking of nature and nutrients to boot.  Okay, I KNOW it was marketing for people like me, but whatever.  They were cool and I am trying them out.


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