Peace over Planting

Well, I had fully intended to plant my tomato seeds this weekend.  I had it all planned out.  At my recent Nursery visit, I purchased “Tricolor Cherry Tomatoes:  Garden Candy” and “Orange Cherry Tomatoes: Sungold” seeds.  I had visions of my last year crop of Sungold and its seemingly never ending production of deep orange sweet “cherry” tomato size magnificence that sent me into a deep trance of worship every time I went out to harvest them for our dinner salad.  I found myself zoning out in dreamland with visions of bucket loads of tomatoes.   So with such thoughts of what would grow in a few short months, I pictured myself spending my weekend grabbing my gardening journal to carefully log in the date, type of seed and information about the tomato (such key information as the germination period, when to transplant, etc.)

But reality did not mesh with my visions.  I kept meaning to go out to the shed to get my grow lamp and pots.  I even talked about how I was about to go out to the shed.  I even put the bag of seeds and recently purchased potting soil on the table to remind me.  But alas, I did not make it out to the shed.  The seeds and potting soil remain in the shopping bag and no seed have been planted.  Why?  Well, peace intervened.  Or I should say the threat to peace intervened.

I work at the United States Institute of Peace and the US House of Representatives recently voted to zero out the funding to our institute. By gardening terms, that means they refused to even provide the hospitable environment in which we could ourselves cultivate the soil and plant the seeds of peace. Consequently, my weekend was consumed with sowing seeds of a different type than tomatoes:  grassroots.  More later on this front.


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